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Thursday, 11 May 2017

We are together, We are going down together, success together as 6👑

Hi Queen's..

Thank you for looking my blog. I appreciated it. Maybe you already know me right? Maybe we already become friends on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, right? Thank you.💋

Okay, actually i want to talk about
T-Ara, our 6 Princess that we love.😘
Recently it's hard for us to talk about it. You know what i mean. Soyeon and Boram issues. I know they hurt, it hurt my hurt to as a fans. So many news, articles about them/T-Ara nowaday. Their company (MBK Entertaiment) already talk about it. But more they speak up, more hurting to Queen's. They say Soyeon and Boram betraying? Did u believe that? Betray??? After they working hard to their fans, this is what they got?. Their contract will ended in May 15. And T-Ara comeback as 4 member only not include Soyeon and Boram. How do you think about this? It's nonsense. As a Queens, we already know, T-Ara as 6. no Boram/Soyeon its not complete.😔

I want to hear from T-Ara. I want to know how their feeling about this.
I just read from some news, i don't know if is true or not, that Soyeon will talking about this after her contract ended.


Actually what i read is my feeling, i'm sad. I believe in them. I will support until my last breath. Do you know how much they changing me about life, dream, friendship..❤

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