'Time is flowing away without us knowing. Some have achieved their dream, some are only dreaming'

'Star. It's nice when you're looking at it from afar, but when you look at it up close… it really isn't anything special'

Thursday, 11 May 2017

We are together, We are going down together, success together as 6πŸ‘‘

Hi Queen's..

Thank you for looking my blog. I appreciated it. Maybe you already know me right? Maybe we already become friends on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, right? Thank you.💋

Okay, actually i want to talk about
T-Ara, our 6 Princess that we love.😘
Recently it's hard for us to talk about it. You know what i mean. Soyeon and Boram issues. I know they hurt, it hurt my hurt to as a fans. So many news, articles about them/T-Ara nowaday. Their company (MBK Entertaiment) already talk about it. But more they speak up, more hurting to Queen's. They say Soyeon and Boram betraying? Did u believe that? Betray??? After they working hard to their fans, this is what they got?. Their contract will ended in May 15. And T-Ara comeback as 4 member only not include Soyeon and Boram. How do you think about this? It's nonsense. As a Queens, we already know, T-Ara as 6. no Boram/Soyeon its not complete.😔

I want to hear from T-Ara. I want to know how their feeling about this.
I just read from some news, i don't know if is true or not, that Soyeon will talking about this after her contract ended.


Actually what i read is my feeling, i'm sad. I believe in them. I will support until my last breath. Do you know how much they changing me about life, dream, friendship..❤

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

This is my story.

T-Ara is my favourite girl group. I love them since middle 2012, because of Jiyeon. Yeah, jiyeon.πŸ˜„ First i saw jiyeon on Runningman on episode 57, and that time i'm not yet become kpop fans, and i don't listen kpop songs, watching korean dramas etc. and (to many and)πŸ˜‚ i attractive with her face in first sight. Did u believe that? First sight!!! So i ask my sister, do you know who is she? She said i don't know her so much but i know her group name is T-Ara..

That time i still not search T-ARA on google. Couple days past, i'm watching music video because of my sister playlist keep playing and then T-Ara mv play is "Time to Love" TTL song. And i said to my sister this is Jiyeon group, right? (with smile on my face). So i keep listening and on and on . And i love their song. (First t-ara song i listening).

So i decided to search T-Ara. All details about them. Their song, their profile, their background, picture, etc. Especially Jiyeon. I'm so in love with her face. Of course her eyes. Power of her eyeliner. And I keep listening their song/MV one by one. πŸ’‹

T-ARA was taught me about life. The life when you need to hardworking to reach your dreams. Also, the mean of true friendship, being together up and down no matter what happens. They always being there when i need them.

Actually, i have a dream that i want to see T-Ara face to face. I dream go to their concerts, fanmeeting, and all about their activity. Is my dream will come true? πŸ˜‡

Anyway to cut a long story short (if you talking about t-ara is never end to meπŸ˜…) my support and love to T-Ara increasing by the day. Just like t-ara song "day by day". ❤ i love that song ✨
Unfortunately, this year is hard for us (Queen's). Since Feb, news about
T-Ara starting. First jiyeon broke up.(i don't want to talking about this actually. Feb 09, same day on my birthday,  Hwasnake πŸ˜’ news revealed that T-Ara is not guilty after 5 years they bear it, you know right what i mean!!!(happy + sad)😀
Mac 15, bad news from the Company of T-Ara (MBK Ent.) said that their contract will expired this year.😭 First Soyeon and Boram contract end in 15 May. They will not renew their contracts. And Jiyeon/Hyomin/Eunjung and Qri remaining extend until December 2017. Did you believed that? !!! 😌 They will release a new album in May as last album as 6 members. Did you believed that againnnnn?!! πŸ˜”

And recently, T-Ara delay album release as Soyeon and Boram bow out.😒 I can't believed this is happen to us. And i don't want to talk about it.😩 it's hard for us. How could MBK. 😠

End of story.

This is not the end for T-Ara, believed them, put our trust to them. T-Ara is T-Ara . T-Ara as 6. If remaining 4,5,6 members is still T-Ara for us. I love them. We love them. Just wait for the next.

Ji Anna❤